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Die lustige Witwe

Festival de Wiltz - Operetta by Franz Lehár
26.06 2022 17h00
Operette - die lustige Witwe

Pontevedrino - once the richest state in Europe - is broke. To avert the threat of bankruptcy, Parisian ambassador Baron Zeta plans to marry off his secretary Danilo to the filthy rich widow Hanna Glawari, but the fun-loving young widow knows how to keep her money-hungry suitors at bay. The worldwide success of The Merry Widow in 1905 marked the birth of the modern operetta, also known as "silvery" or "romantic," following in the footsteps of Offenbach and Strauss. With its dazzling new orchestration and modern portrayal of love, the work became the model for an entire era, never to be equaled

Mando Diao

Festival de Wiltz
01.07 2022 19h00
Mando Diao by Viktor Flumé

Festival de Wiltz, BGL BNP PARIBAS & Eldoradio proudly present: Mando Diao.

Sprung out of timeless rock 'n' roll guitar riffs and a burning desire; magic has been made. Mando Diao have created an album that is dark, personal, energetic and captivatingly good. BANG is a record that demanded its own existence with the purpose to take on the topics of life’s unforeseeable twists and turns.

Bang Your Head is the ultimate party song, setting the tone for BANG. The song came at the last moment like a powerful dark horse and explains a lot about the bands constant hunt for an audience in motion

Das Dschungelbuch

Festival de Wiltz
03.07 2022 15h00
Foto vom Dschungelbuch: Mogli und seine Freunde

Muscial for the whole family!

Theater Lichtermeer tells the adventures of the little human boy Mogli, who was raised by the wolves in the Indian jungle. When the tiger Shir Khan returns to the jungle, Mogli's hitherto untroubled life is threatened. So he embarks on an exciting journey and encounters all the lovable, dangerous, bizarre and treacherous inhabitants of the jungle: Bagheera the panther, Baloo the bear, the gang of monkeys, Hathi the elephant, Kaa the snake and, of course, Shir Khan. Join Mogli in the adventurous world of the Indian jungle. Be there live and let yourself be


Festival de Wiltz
06.07 2022 19h00
Foto von LP - Laura Pergolizzi

Festival de Wiltz & Eldoradio proudly present: LP.

With her unique, powerful voice, LP (Laura Pergolizzi) delivers emotionally charged performances that one would not have expected from the petite singer at first glance. Usually working in the indie rock and pop genre, the singer from New York City landed her international breakthrough in 2016 with her single "Lost on You".

A lot has happened since then! Numerous silver, gold and diamond records later, LP is currently touring the world with her brand-new album Churches. Her tour stops now also include the Festival de Wiltz, right in the


Festival de Wiltz
08.07 2022 19h00
Passenger - Promobild des Sängers

Passenger will perform on 8th of July 2022 at the Festival de Wiltz in collaboration with den Atelier / Promoter: A-Promotions & Eldoradio. Sponsored by POST & Banque Raiffeisen.

The New Album 'Sometimes It's Something, Sometimes It's Nothing At All' is out now. Featuring 'Rosie', 'Restless Wind' and 'Helplessly Lost'. All Profits donated to Shelter UK.

Passenger has come a long way since the release of his first album, Wicked Man’s Rest, back in 2007. The initial incarnation, in which Rosenberg was backed by a full band, was followed by his reinvention as a solo artist and a period of

Weeltzer Musek "Esou schmaacht Wooltz"

Festival de Wiltz
09.07 2022 19h00
Foto von Weeltzer Musek und den Krunnemécken

Delicacies for all senses! Already in 2017, the dinner concert was created by the Harmonie Grand-Ducale Wiltz together with the Festival Wiltz. The motto has remained since the great success of the first hour: musical delicacies & culinary treats for a wide audience. While Wiltz associations demonstrate their culinary talent on the festival square, the Harmonie Wiltz together with the Chorale de Wiltz serve numerous musical specialties on stage. They will be supported by the Krunnemécken, who celebrate their stage anniversary this year. The two accordionists are known as virtuosos of

Gipsy Kings

Festival de Wiltz
16.07 2022 20h30
Foto von Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo

Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo With hit songs such as “Volare”, “Baila me”, “Hotel California” or “Bamboleo”, the Gipsy Kings took the international charts by storm. Few music groups have been as universally successful as this band from the south of France. Their third album, “Gipsy Kings”, earned them international popularity and was the first album by a gipsy band to go gold in the USA. In 1990 they were honoured as “Group of the Year” at the Victoires de la Musique, in 2012 they were awarded the “Prix de l’export de la musique” in France in recognition of their worldwide success, and in 2014