Musical Peter Pan
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Peter Pan

Musical/ Jeune Public
01.07 2018 15h00
Theater Lichtermeer

Theater Lichtermeer invite us to join them for a fantastic trip to Neverland. The musical works its very own magic as it brings to life all the heroes and villains of the story in loving detail and with plenty of action. Get ready to be swept off your feet as Peter Pan and Wendy, in league with the Lost Boys and the fairy Tinker Bell, take on the fearsome Captain Hook.

For children from 4 years.

Duration: 2 hours including break.

In German language.

Pré-sale : 30 € / Kids (< 14): 18 €. Evening box office: + 5 €

Food Village: Our Food Village opens at 14h00

Transport: The event ticket is valid for free public transport –

Navette Gare Wiltz - Amphithéâtre: 14:18
Navette Amphithéâtre - Gare Wiltz: 17:20 

Séance scolaire:
02.07.18, 10:00. Reservations:

Musical Peter Pan