Operette - die lustige Witwe
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Die lustige Witwe

Festival de Wiltz - Operetta by Franz Lehár
26.06 2022 17h00

Pontevedrino - once the richest state in Europe - is broke. To avert the threat of bankruptcy, Parisian ambassador Baron Zeta plans to marry off his secretary Danilo to the filthy rich widow Hanna Glawari, but the fun-loving young widow knows how to keep her money-hungry suitors at bay. The worldwide success of The Merry Widow in 1905 marked the birth of the modern operetta, also known as "silvery" or "romantic," following in the footsteps of Offenbach and Strauss. With its dazzling new orchestration and modern portrayal of love, the work became the model for an entire era, never to be equaled again.

Theatre Trier
Libretto by Victor Léon and Leo Stein
New version by Manfred Langner

Doors: 4.00pm
Tickets: Category 1 (free seating) : 48€ / Category 2 (free seating) : 37€ / Youth<26 : Category 1 (free seating) : 28€ / Category 2 (free seating) : 18€ / Culture pass: 1,50 

© Die lustige Witwe by Kaufhold
Operette - die lustige Witwe