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Voyage musical – du Nil à l’Oural

Choirs and Orchestra
01.07 2017 20h00

Fabrice Marchetto – Tenor
Stephany Ortega – Soprano
Luisa Partridge-Mauro – Mezzo-Soprano
Charlotte Pahle  - Accordion

Chorale Sainte-Cécile de Folschette
Chœur Prélude de Maizières-lès-Metz
Chœur Amatys de Yutz
Chorale Municipale Sainte Cécile de Wiltz
Chorale La Chanterelle de Bastogne

Thionville Philharmonic Orchestra
Stéphane Siebert, Director

Musical Journey - from the Nile to the Oural: Five choirs, three soloists and an orchestra bring the audience on a great musical journey around the world. This one of a kind concert unites the singers and musicians of Luxembourg and the Greater Region in the spirit of Europe.  A diverse repertory with popular songs and melodies from different continents and periods of time are offered.  Opera melodies by Verdi and Puccini; French songs by Edith Piaf and Charles Trénet; Russian classics and also popular popsongs by the Beatles and Abba are on the programme which also includes Balkan and klezmer music.

10% reduction for groups of 20 or more and for holders of the Luxembourg Card. 30% reduction for students and for persons with disabilities.

Tickets for this events are valid as ticket for the public transport in Luxembourg.

Duration 2x 50 min. (+ entracte)
30 € cat. A / 25 € cat. B / 15 € cat. C (+ presale fee)  / Kulturpass : 1,50€
Organised by the A.C.F.I – Friendship and Culture France-Italy in collaboration with the Festival de Wiltz.
Chorales & orchestre