Drache Kokosnuss
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Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss

Festival de Wiltz
04.07 2021 15h00

“Little Dragon Coconut” (Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss) – The Musical

This is what all the dragon enthusiasts have been waiting for: finally, an opportunity to meet their idols Coconut, Matilda and Oskar up close and in the flesh. Ingo Siegner’s hugely successful books have been transformed into an elaborate musical production for kids, with dragons, dwarves and wizards crowding the stage, singing and dancing in front of the changeable scenery, taking their audience with them on an exciting adventure. A fabulous world waiting to be discovered anew.

Little Dragon Coconut is currently the most successful children’s book character in Germany, with over five million copies sold, and starring in two movies and in his very own KiKA Children’s Channel series. 

Age: from 4 
Language: German
Duration: appr. 2 hours including 1 break

Theater Lichtermeer Production 
Text: Timo Riegelsberger and Jan Radermacher. Music: Timo Riegelsberger. Directed by Timo Riegelsberger. Stage design: Jan Radermacher

Presentation for schools & groups:

05.07.2021, 9:30, for kids from 6 years on, reservations: info@cooperations.lu
Tickets: 5 € per kid, educators have free admission

Tickets for the public presentation - 04.07.2021, 15:00:
25 € adults, 15 € kids (<26), 1,50 € Kulturpass,
10 % reduction from 10 tickets on 

Free seating

Drache Kokosnuss