Drache Kokosnuss ©Marco Köhrsen
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Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss

Festival de Wiltz
04.07 2021 15h00

-- SOLD OUT --

A magical musical for children by Lichtermeer theatre productions. The musical tells the story of a small dragon called Kokosnuss (Coconut), going on an adventure with his friends Matilda the porcupine and Oskar the dragon. 

Age: from 4 
Language: German
Duration: appr. 2 hours including 1 break

Theater Lichtermeer Production 
Text: Timo Riegelsberger and Jan Radermacher. Music: Timo Riegelsberger. Directed by Timo Riegelsberger. Stage design: Jan Radermacher

Venue: Amphithéâtre
Tickets: 25€ adults / 15€ youngsters (<26), Kulturpass 1,50 €

Presentation for schools & groups:
05.07.2021, 9:30, for kids from 6 years on, reservations: info@cooperations.lu
Tickets: 5 € per kid, educators have free admission

Drache Kokosnuss ©Marco Köhrsen