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Practical information



Amphithéâtre :
1, Rue du Château, L-9516 Wiltz

Office :
Festival de Wiltz operated by COOPERATIONS 
8, Gruberbeerig L-9538 Wiltz
Tel.: +352-95 92 05-1

Ticket Box :
8 Gruberbeerig, L-9538 Wiltz
Lu-Ve, 09h00 -12h00 & 13h00 -16h30


Further COOPERATIONS ASBL contact information, as well as our whole Team can be found here.

Wiltz is based in the north of Luxembourg, 60 kilometers away from Luxembourg-City.


Access by car - Parking:

Covered parking Match/ parking by the Castle (Parking du Château)/ Covered parking Kouswiss

Arrival by train

Within Luxembourg, all train connections are free of charge.
The timetables of the CFL trains will be adapted to the program of the Festival de Wiltz. Once you arrive at the Wiltz train station, a shuttle will take you to the festival site for free.
Here are the CFL departure times for the Passenger (08.07.2022) and Gipsy Kings (16.07.2022) concerts:

Departure times



Once you're in Wiltz, you can take advantage of our shuttle service (Festival de Wiltz/ Navettes Gratuites). This shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 18:00 to 21:00 (outbound) and from 22:30 to 01:00 (return). The walk from the post office to the festival site takes 5 minutes (300m).

Please note: For the "Dschungelbuch" (03/07) and the "Weeltzer Musek" (09/07) other departure times are valid. All information can be found in the documents Shuttle 1 and Shuttle 2.

Shuttle-Service: Park & Ride



Shuttle 1 // Shuttle 2



Grand-Rue 29,
L-9530 Wiltz

Plus d’informations et réservations : / / +352 621 621 154

Eis Kichen

8, Gruberbeerig / L-9538 Wiltz

Plus d’informations et réservations: / /
+352 95 92 05 52 

Lundi - Vendredi, 11h45 - 14h30

Hôtel-Restaurant Aux Tanneries de Wiltz

42a, Rue Jos Simon / L-9550 Wiltz

Plus d’informations et réservations: / +352 95 75 99 / 

Restaurant - Bistro Kaul

60 Campingstrooss  /  L-9554 Wiltz

Plus d’informations et réservations: /  +352 27 91 79 41 

Hôtel-Restaurant Beim Schlass

1, Grand-Rue
L-9530 Wiltz

Plus d’informations et réservations: /
+352 95 80 18 /

Food Village

The caterer Niessen, food trucks and several Wiltz associations will be providing catering for the spectators. The catering area will be open to the public before the start of the show.