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The Festival de Wiltz was established in 1953 on the initiative of a group of enthusiastic Wiltz residents. Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s „Jedermann“ was the festival’s very first theatre production. In 1954 Fernand Koenig first performed a concert in Wiltz, and three years later he became the festival’s artistic director. Starting out mainly as a theatre festival, the program was extended over the years to encompass all kinds of music performances, including dance, opera and musical. The amphitheatre stage has witnessed many guest performances of artists of world-wide renown, which also helped to build an excellent reputation for the Festival de Wiltz. Roland Kinnen was the festival’s director until 2016. As of the year 2017 Culture Wiltz asbl is responsible for coordinating cultural events in the town of Wiltz, and COOPERATIONS asbl has been commissioned by Culture Wiltz asbl to organise the festival.

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Festival de Wiltz operated by COOPERATIONS asbl

Avec le soutien de Culture Wiltz a.s.b.l.

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